#thisisgu part 1 : Olofshöjd

During the month of May, we bloggers, will report from different campuses and areas in Gothenburg. Today : the student housing Olofshöjd.

There is two important facts you need to know about Olofshöjd. First, it is one of the biggest housing area, welcoming most of the exchange (and “regular”) students. Secondly, you will need time to know how to write it and probably never manage to prononce it properly =).

Welcome to Olofshöjd !

Build on a hill, Olofshöjd – or Olof (Prononce “Ou-loff” ) as everyone end up calling it – is like a little town containing all the facilities you might need and can be like a labyrinth when you end up here for the first time. A labyrinth with stairs… lot of stairs so be ready to get sporty when you’ll come to Sweden =).


A room in Olofshöjd

Olofshöjd proposes mainly single rooms with bathroom. The kitchens are shared between 4 or 8 people responsible to keep it in order and sort the garbage (recycling is really important in Sweden). Cleaning services are coming regularly in the kitchen but the room are totally under the student responsibility.

When you will leave your room, you will have to really carefully clean everything. This is why I recommend you, when you arrive, to contact the student housing services with pictures if you face any problems.

One surprising fact about Olofshöjd’s kitchen is that some of the 4 people’s ones are “floating” out of the buildings. It is quite funny when you realise it =)

Common kitchens are an awesome place to gather with your neighbours to eat or even cook together. It is also a nice place to have nice small and cosy parties on weekends.

Depending the years (and a part of luck), the room can be already equipped with bedsheets and the kitchen with all the material necessary. In case you need anything else, Olofshöjd possess a free shop where previous tenants let their stuff while leaving and where you can find almost everything.


A couple of shared flats or “family flats” – two rooms with common kitchen and bathroom – also exist in the area.

Facilities in Olofshöjd

I think affirming you can find everything you need in Olofshöjd is a real fact. As I already wrote, the free shop is here to provide you what you might need at the beginning. But it is not the only thing you will find in Olof.

From a practical point of view, the area has many laundry rooms in which you can book a machine (a whole institution in Sweden) or use if you are lucky (and not really organised as I am) the unbookable one. Garbages areas are also spread out and well organise for recycling.

SGS office


If you have any problems, you can go to the SGS office (top of the area) and even host your family in the SGS hostel.


Student bar pizzeria



Nearby the office, you will find the Student bar pizzeria that also have a really nice Persian menu and is a place for welcome parties.


On your free time, and sunny days, you can find many barbecue places all around the housing, a beach volley field, lot of green areas and even a nice hill to lay in the sun.


The housing also has a gym and a motion hall.



And for winter, believe me or not, you can book one of the sauna !


Finally, the best place to meet people is café Olof, managed by the FR (that also have their office in the housing area) that organise every year more new activities for the students like language café, movie night, game night, yoga/meditation… with some of them taking place in room 326 nearby. You can also just go there on opening hours for a fika with your friends or future friends. I really recommend you to go there if you wanna meet new people =).

Facilities around

Access to the tram via the stairs of the death..


Olofshöjd is really easily accessible by  tram (line 2 (yellow) and 4 (green) ) from the Almedal tram stop at the bottom of the area. And the only backside is the so called “stairs of the death” to access the housing. But I promise you will get used to it =).



More views from other stairs !

Olofshöjd is also accessible by bus (line 52) in Utlandagatan and Bergsprängaregatan situated respectively on the left (from the tram stop) and the top of the area. Both bus stops are nearby Willys shops ( but the one in Bergsprängaregatan seem to be closing ) where you can do your grocery shopping.


Between Almedal tram stop and the next tram stop Getebergsäng, you can also find an ICA and a Netto at walking distance to do your shopping.

View from a balcony

Olofshöjd is also at walking distance of  other housing area like Helmutsrogatan (tram stop Elisedal) at the bottom and the student flats in Viktor Rydbergsgatan and Gilbraltargatan at the top of the area.

Olof is close (10 min walking from the top of the area) to the Chalmers University of Technology where some courses of the chemistry, physic, computer science and sometimes biology fields can take place.

It is also at walking distance (on the left) from Humanisten (Humanities faculty) and the Academy of Music and Drama (bus stop Carlandersplasten).

Green and beautiful Olofshöjd !

Finally Olofshöjd is close to the city center and to important places like Körsvagen (Liserberg, Universeum…) – 2 tram stops on line 2 and 4 – or Götaplatsen (the beginning of the Avenyn) and you can even access to both walking through Humanisten.

As Göteborg is a well organised city, you can finally reach quite easily everything (and all the faculties) by foot or by tram from Olofshöjd.

Finally, Olofshöd is a really alive and international area, where things happen all the time. It is close to many faculties and a really nice place to spend your free time, with a lot of facilities and green areas. If you are interested it is also the place where lot of parties happen and it is close to the city center if you wanna go out.

Olofshöjd has always been my home (in 3 different flats, so I start to know it well) since I arrived in Göteborg and I could not imagine a better place to live as an international student.

And now if you want a “quick” guided visit in the labyrinth of stairs, I invite you to watch the  following video!

See you soon in Olof!

3 thoughts on “#thisisgu part 1 : Olofshöjd

  1. Cool! But you forgot to point out the Study Room, wich is one of the newest facilities of Olofshöjd. It is found in Framgången 2103.

    1. Yes, I have heard of some Study Room but never got the occasion to go there (I usually study at the university library). Framgången is one of the part I know the less. This is really good you point it out ! Thank you =).

  2. I spent a very happy semester in Olofs in sep 2013-jan 2014. I will always love the student environment, the cool parties and the great facilities. I really felt at home in Olofs. I cannot wait to go back to visit this summer!

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