Valborg !

Valborg (Walpurgis in English) is a very special night, on the 30th of April. Is it believed to be the night of witches’ meeting and the perfect one to celebrate the beginning of spring . In Sweden, and specially Göteborg it is a really important date (and so no matter the rain !).

Valborg at Göteborgs universitetet

Valborg’s events starts around noon with the parade of students from the University of Göteborg which walk from the different unions buildings toward Trädgårdsföreningen. It’s the occasion to listen to students orchestra, choirs and speeches. In the past (when students were wearing cap daily) it was also time to switch from the winter student cap (black) to summer cap (white). Part of this tradition remains and lot of students wear or receive their caps.

Chalmers Cortegen

In the evening, around 6, the students from the Technical university Chalmers start their own parade : the cortège. In this tradition, existing since 1909, the students build some (I think I counted 43 this year) decorated truck carriages that often represent scenes from Swedish and worldwide political, cultural or “funny” actuality (Put your mouse on the following pictures to get explanations). This caravan attracts all Göteborg every year.

And outer space NASA found water !


If you are a bit curious you can start observing the construction of the chars a couple of weeks before the cortege on Chalmers’ parking lot. And even more impressing, as soon as the cortege is over everything is dismounted, cleaned like it never happened.



Bonfire in Slottskogen

To finish this special day, all the students but also the families meet in Slottskogen, where a bonfire starts around 9. Various DJ will then animate the night in the parc while quickly all the bars and clubs of the city are invaded…

Valborg is the night to party =) !!!!

Hope you had lot of fun on your side or will when you’ll come next year in Sweden !!


This one remain my favorite =)


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