A night out in Gothenburg!

An important part of the student life is of course the entertainment. And Gothenburg has a lot of alternatives to offer! In this blog post I will talk about the night life and the places, which according to my opinion, are good options for students.

So one of the first things that the majority of the students pay attention to, when chooses where to go out, are of course the prices. Since being a student in many cases means that the budget is limited and Sweden is in general a quite expensive country to live, here are some places where you can find reasonable prices and nice environment. The first one which I think is the most popular among students here in Gothenburg, is called Andra Långgatan. It is a long street located near Järntorget.
Along this street and closely around, you can find several pubs and bars, as well as a few restaurants. Most of the bars there are very cozy, playing nice music and serve drinks in reasonable prices for students. It is a very common meeting place for many students and it is almost sure that when you go there on Friday or Saturday night you will find other classmates or friends. To go to Andra Långgatan, you just have to take any tram or bus is near your location that goes to Järntorget. From there it is one minute walking to reach the street.

Another popular area, which I recently discover and became a big fan, is Vasaplatsen. There, in Vasagatan, as well as in the backstreets near the tram stop, you can find pubs and bars again with nice music, cheap drinks and friendly atmosphere. During some week days there are some events happening in some of the pubs there, such as karaoke, quiz and more! It is also very easy to get there. You just need to take any tram or bus that goes to Vasaplatsen, or you can walk from other stops such as Valand.

One other area, which maybe is not so well -known among most students, is that near Domkyrkan. Close to the tram stop, and along the pedestrian, there are also plenty of places for a night out. The prices there are somewhat more expensive than in those I mentioned above, but still you can find some good places to go and not have to spend too much. To get there, you can either take the tram and get off at Domkyrkan or walk from other nearby stops.

Wherever you choose to go, enjoy your night out in the lovely Gothenburg!

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