Göteborg’s stars #2 : Wintergatan and the Marble Machine

In January 2013 – 7 months before my first exchange in Göteborg – Wintergatan release their first video “Sommarfågel” (Summer bird) on their youtube channel. In March 2016, their last video “The marble machine” turns worldwide and even my home friends tell me about this video “I have to watch”. Imagine how proud I was to tell them this group was actually “from” my new home Göteborg.


Wintergatanpress1Named literally “The Milky way” (“Wintergatan” in Swedish), the group is composed of 4 members Evelina Hägglund, Martin Molin, Marcus Sjöberg and David Zandén.

Coming from different town of Sweden, they all are pretty impressive, playing several instrument and sometimes even two instruments at the same time. And to quote their official biography  “If there is a need for a new instrument someone figures out how to use it.”

But their talent and creativity also appear with their home made instruments like the Modulin, the Music box… and the Marble Machine !

Their very first video was recorded in Göteborg (which make them in my heart “local stars”) as an introduction of their band to us, “the world, which is in the galaxy Wintergatan” (Cf. Sommarfågel video).

With a music qualified as “Folktronica” (mix of folk music and electronic music), they open a door to a totally new universe. Into a daydream toward the Milky way.


The Marble Machine (Photo : Samuel Westergren)

The Marble Machine

The Marble Machine is one – and probably the most impressive – of they home made instrument, able to play vibraphone, bass guitar, and drums using… marbles !!! Exactly 2000 marbles to play music out of a 3000 parts’ machine.

Planned by Martin Molin to be built in 2 months, the Marble Machine took finally 14 months to be built, offering finally an amazing single and a spot on the international scene.


My friend Daria and I at Wintergatan concert in Liseberg in 2014 (Photo : Alejandro Valenzuela)

Wintergatan in concert

You are already hooked by Wintergatan or just a little bit curious and want to see them live ? Well, I had this chance in 2014 at one of their concert in Liseberg and I highly recommend you this amazing trip to outer space.

So far next live dates are only in Germany but let cross the fingers they will do another wonderful performances in Sweden soon =).


If you haven’t listen to the Marble Machine yet, I highly recommend you to go to watch the video now. Their channel also presents the audio from their awesome first album (Wintergatan) and lot of informations about the Marble Machine Project (different steps of the construction, how it works…). Enjoy !

And remember, discovering a new country and a new city is also discovering the local “stars”… or in this case the local “galaxy”. =).


Youtube channel and facebook : Wintergatan
Official website (with Live dates) : Wintergatan.net
If you wanna buy their music : http://wintergatan.bandcamp.com/

Pictures of the Marble Machine are from the official website and photo credits belong to Samuel Westergren

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