The Slottsskogen park

Recently some friends of mine visited me here in Gothenburg and I tried to guide them around the places that they should definitely see in the city. One of these places is the Slottsskogen park.

Slottsskogen is a huge space of forest, located right in the centre of Gothenburg. This park is consisted from large areas covered by trees, open spaces with grass, playgrounds, several relaxing spots, as well as areas with wild and unusual animals. There are plenty of activities you can do at the park. You can go for a walk in the wood and gaze at the animals that live there. There you can find a small lake where you can see seals swimming and very close there is another spot with some very cute penguins. If you go a bit further you can see plenty more animals such as horses, rabbits, sheep, ducks, deer and big moose!

Furthermore, Slottsskogen is a nice destination if you want to go for jogging and take some exercise in the nature and the fresh air. If you prefer some more relaxing activities the area is ideal to organize picnic with friends. Just take some blankets and some food and lay down on the big areas of grass to enjoy your meal outdoors! Other activities you can do is to play Frisbee or try the mini-golf track. There is also telescope-equipped observatory area for those who are interested in planets and stars.

The park also functions as a venue for many music and other events, such as the Gothenburg Marathon, the Way Out West summer music festival, outdoor performance of the Gothenburg’s Symphony Orchestra and many more.
An easy way to get there is to take the public transportation and get off at Linnégatan. The park entrance is one minute from there.

Enjoy your walk!

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