Have you tried a ride with the ferry?

As we all noticed lately the spring is here! The days last longer and longer and it is very often lately that the weather is nice and warm. So it is the right time to explore the city and do activities outside! If you like the sea and also want to see the other part of Gothenburg a nice idea is to take a ride with the ferry.

It is very simple! You go to Lilla Bommens Hamn which is behind the opera building. From there you can take the ferry and do the ride. If you want to visit the other part of the city you can get off in any of the in- between stops and take a walk to see that side of Gothenburg. Or for those of you that have already explore that part, you can just do the ride with the ferry and enjoy the sea and the sun.

The last stop is Klippans Färjeläge and it takes about forty minutes to go until there and return back. The ferry number is the 285. And the best thing is that this ride is in the same price like a simple ticket or for those that have a monthly card is included in the price.

Now that the days are bigger you can do that ride any time of the day. It is a nice way to relax and enjoy the blue sky and the sea. And especially if you go at the sunset the view from the ferry is amazing!

Don’t forget to take pictures!

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