Lost and found


It happens to everyone, you are walking, and suddenly you have to look something on your mobile phone, you take out your glove… When minutes later you arrive to your destination, it is already lost.

Normally that would immediately mean that you have to buy a new pair. But wait! We are in Sweden! Here things can be found!

When Swedes find winter clothing laying around on the streets, instead of just pass by they actually stop in order to put it on a higher and more visual place, where it could be found again by the person that lost it.

During just some weeks I have been taking pictures of the ones that I found around, believe me, you don’t have to search that much! Everywhere you see lonely gloves, scarfs, winter hats, and even sweaters!

Now you know that if you loose something, you just need to walk back your steps! There it will be! 😀


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