Hiking tips #4 : Jonsered and Bokedalen nature reserve

Map of Bokedalen nature reserve  (train station in the South)

Situated 12 min away from Göteborg Central Station by train (toward Alingsås, running every 30 min), Jonsered and Bokedalen nature reserve are an almost endless source of awesome hikes. I have been there already three times and still have a lot left to explore!

As part of the Partille municipality, you have to pay small extra fee with your monthly bus/tram pass (around 10-15 SEK). Jonsered is also accessible by bus from the Central Station but it takes about 40 min.



The river nearby the factory

The very first time, I came to Jonsered for a workshop organized by the University of Göteborg in a nice mansion they own there. It was a great occasion to explore around !

To access the mansion, from the train station, you have to go first to the old factory of Jonsered. From there you can either take the road up to access the mansion through Jonsered Herrgård or following the river until the lake Aspen (the mansion is on top of the hill).


Please not that the second way is easier to find =).

An example of autumn landscape



On this first time, I enjoyed walking to the lake Aspen and have a look at Jonsered Herrgård. Situated on the other side of the mansion from Aspen lake, it is a place with nice gardens. I only visited them in autumn but I sure they must be beautiful in spring. If you love to observe animals, you can find lot of sheep and horses there too.





The factory and the awesome automn colors



The second time, I went there, I got the chance to explore more the surrounding of the old factory in Jonsered , and to walk along the river and the southern lake Aspen.

The first factory was founded in 1833 to make sailcloths as Göteborg was an important ship building city. Later it became famous for its power saws. As the factory grew church, clinic, school, and elderly home were built too. In the late 1990s, everything was moved to another factory.


A beaver lodge on the river but unfortunately no beaver spotted this time


Nearby the factory, the lake Aspen is quite huge and you can go there to swim during summer. In autumn, it’s a nice place to walk around for the amazing colors, to look for mushrooms or to try to spot some beavers along the river.

(/!\ Some mushrooms can be highly toxic, do not touch or pick up a mushroom if you do not know them)


orange path
Follow the orange path into the woods

Finally I came back a third time lately to explore Bokedalen natural reserve itself. There again different hikes are possible around the reserve. I would recommend you to head up north to find two lakes, Lilla (“little”) and Stora (“big”) Ramsjön. If you go at the beginning of Spring, some part are still frozen while some other are vivid, giving a nice contrast.



In the middle of nowhere : Freden

Nearby Stora Ramsjön, the small and cute “village” of Freden while offer you an nice place to rest (and find restrooms). The legend even say that they serve waffles between 11 and 15 =).

To access the two lakes, or to come back, you can go through the southern lake Aspen or follow some paths in the middle of the woods through the viewpoint of Lundsdåsen. Both way worth the visit.



All the routes above are just suggestions, based on my own explorations. But be curious and adventurous and loose yourself more inside the reserve ! You might even see me there because I am clearly not done with Bokedalen nature reserve =).

See you soon then,


Panorama of Aspen lake

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