Hiking tips #3 : Walk on Göteborg’s river sides

For this new “Hike”, let’s enjoy a bit more the city centre of this awesome city of Göteborg.

As you might know, Göteborg is split by a large river that then continue its way to the North. From the 18th to the 20th century this river, and more generally the location of the city so close to the sea was a huge advantage for commerce but also the ship building industry, really important in Göteborg. Nowadays, the ship building industry is not active anymore but the ferries to other country such as Denmark still take advantages of the river.

One of the bridge on the river…

From a less historical and more practical point of view, a couple of bridges (that actually can open to let big boat go through !) allow cars, trams buses to go from one side to another. But, in my opinion, the nicest way is to use the ferry. Because in Göteborg, you can take the ferry with your tram/bus card and some Chalmers (the technology university) students even use it to go to class at the Lindholmen campus !!


The two sides of this river can offers nice walks and if you are adventurous, you can see both the same day.

The city center side

There is lot of really nice places to see on this side of the river.

Lilla Bommen (and a bit of the Lipstick) by night

I would recommend you to start to have a look at the Opera and the little harbour of Lilla Bommen (where you can take the ferry).

You will also find there, in a black and blue “building” called Älvrummet”, a reconstruction model of the city and really nice persons to explain you great things about Göteborg.

You will also be able to see the “Lipstick” this red and white building (actually offices) that appears in all the postcards.

Example of amazing view beyond Röda Sten

Another nice things to do in this side of the river is to walk from Jaegerdorffsplatsen (trams 3 and 9) to Röda Sten (the red stone) and beyond… The view is amazing there =).

There is probably a lot more to see on this side of the river. But I let you discover it by yourself. Be curious =).


And on the other side ?

Sun in Röda Sten and view on Erickserg (the orange crane behind the bridge)

If you want to walk on the other side of the river, I would recommend you to first take the ferry until Lindholmen. This Chalmers campus is really colorful and worth the visit.

Then you can continue your walk until Ericksberg  (two ferry stops away), were you can see a huge crane from the old building ship area that was there (now it’s a living district). On the way, do not hesitate to pause to enjoy the view and the various pieces of art on the way.

You can come back by ferry or take the bus 60 to the city center.

Both sides of the river have their beautiful mysteries so do not hesitate to share them around and to bring family and friends.

Hope to see you there =).



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