Waffle day !

As you might start to know, Swedish people are really into pastries… and some of them even have their special day !


Today, 25th of March is waffle day, Våffeldagen in Swedish. And funnily, this year, it coincides with Easter’s Friday which is normally more of a feasting day.

The origin of this Waffle day is even funnier as it comes from words’ confusion.



Normally on the 25th of March is Vårfrudagen (“Our Lady’s day”) also called the “Feast of the Annunciation”. In Christian religion, it corresponds to the day the archangel Gabriel visited the Virgin Mary to tell her she was expecting Jesus. Therefore this day takes place 9 months before Christmas (Jesus’ birth).



Then, you might want to ask “What is the connection with waffle ?”. Well in Swedish Vårfrudagen and Våffeldagen sound similar. Or at least similar enough for Our Lady’s day to become The waffle day !





And nowadays, this Waffle day tradition spread out in various countries. So thank you Sweden =).



I recommend you all to go out tonight and try one (or more) waffle to celebrate Spring ! Våffeldagen is only once a year!


Smaklig måltid !

(Notes : All the waffles on the pictures are from the waffle café in Vasaplasten – http://popularacafeer.se/04284585/Waffles_Cafe – and they were yummy !!!)



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