Get ready for Gothenburg’s half marathon!

I am sure that every person who lives in Gothenburg has noticed that Swedes really like jogging. You will see them running all over the city, no matter the weather conditions. But now there is another important reason to run for. That is the Gothenburg’s half marathon which will take place on the 21th of May, 2016.

The half marathon is a huge event here in Gothenburg, with long history through time. From 1980, when it carried out for the first time, since today many things have changed but what remains the same is the great interest of people for this event. In that first year, 1,800 runners started in the city center at Heden and finished in the Ullevi Stadium. The weather was really good with sun and 30 degrees Celsius. Since then the route has changed several times and so does the participation which has dramatically increased. In 2009 for example more than 53,000 runners were registered and in 2010 a new record race weekend with 71,597 persons registered to run in the marathon. The same year another record achieved regarding the volunteers with around 2,800 persons to help conducting the event.

Moreover, since 2013 emphasis had been given to the environmental aspects and the organizers of the marathon put effort to make the event more environmental friendly and sustainable. The hard work had paid off and that year the event received a diploma at the ceremony of Aims Green Award. From 2015 the organizers work toward the certification of the event according to the international standard, ISO-20121.

Additionally, since 2011 the Gothenburg’s half marathon has cooperated with charity organizations and donated half of the fee price to the organization that the participant will choose. The fee is 1200 SEK from which 600 SEK goes to the charity. Each participant receives a T-shirt form the organization one will chose to donate.
The prizes for the top finishers of each race will be given on Saturday 2.30 p.m. at Slottsskogsvallen. However, all the runners who cross the finish line will receive a GöteborgsVarvet Half Marathon medal.

If you are thinking to participate in the marathon, unfortunately the registration period has closed now. But there is still the possibility to register for a charity. You can find more information on the web page:

As for the lucky ones that have already booked their place prepare your selves for an unforgettable experience!

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