Göteborg’s star #1 : An Oscar for Alicia Vikander

Moving to a new city means also showing interest for its culture, as much from an historical point of view than to discover current local “stars”. Göteborg have seen lot of music artists growing up and I will really probably present you some of them one day. But for now I would like to focus on a different topic : Cinema.

To be honest, I’m not an expert at all in cinema and I tend to watch more animated movies than blockbusters. I also prefer the not really known movies than the big productions. I’m not really following any ceremonies like the Oscars or Césars (the French one) but this year I just could not escape two huge news : Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his Oscar and Alicia Vikander, Swedish actress from Göteborg won the Oscar for Best supporting actress for the movie The Danish Girl.

I heard about this movie from friends that went to the Göteborg Film Festival (Jan 29 to Feb 8 2016) and really wanted to see it. It was then the perfect occasion to see a Göteborg’s star on screen.

(This article does not contain any SPOILERS :p. )


The movie : The Danish Girl


It is actually hard to talk about the movie without revealing too much. Not necessarily hard to avoid spoilers, it is more that the film is built such way that everything is brought little by little. And I think it is the way it should be appreciated. With every element being a surprise.

I went myself to see the movie knowing the general topic of it (which is hard to avoid online) and even if I still really enjoyed it, I kind of regret not having the surprise the way it was brought by the scenario. So if you have never heard of the movie, just trust me blindly and go (and do not read the too-complete wikipedia page).



Alicia Vikander’s performance :

Alicia Vivanker

I am probably biased in my appreciation knowing Alicia Vikander won a Oscar before going to the movie, but I was truly captivated by her performance. Without spoilers, the situations appearing in the movie are the kind of situations that force you to face your own limits, to wonder what you are really ready to do for the people you care about. And it’s hard then to not fall into the cliché of complete sacrifice/devotion or complete rejection. And it is a bit what I was afraid of….

But I was bluffed ! Because the movie avoid brilliantly the cliché, proposing a character so human, so real. Like you finally. And most important : Alicia plays this character in such way that you believe it, that it doesn’t look cliché, that you really understand what is going on in the character’s mind and that you can identify yourself.

We all one day have people we love and care about facing complicated situations and as much as we want to help them and stay in their life, we all have our own limits. I never had to face the exact situation in the movie but I could truly identify myself or my friends in Alicia’s character in the way I faced to support friends or lovers during hard times or how they faced to support me . So thank you Alicia and The Danish Girl, for this brilliant movie but also this simple but real lesson of life.

Pros and cons :

  • DSC06647
    Bio Roy cinema in Avenyn

    The music was absolutely fabulous. Composed by Alexandre Desplat, the original soundtracks just transport us within the story.

  • It was great to recognize Copenhagen. I have visited the city two years ago and it was really cool to see districts I have visited.
  • In general, the landcapes were beautiful and I just want to travel more in Scandinavian countries.
  • The smile of the main character. I did not even know we had enough muscles to smile that big, in a such touching way. Really !
  • Alicia Vikander‘s performance. Just right and human as I said above.
  • My only negative point will go to the language. I understand the will of producing a movie in English to reach bigger audience but then why letting the small parts happening in Paris in French (without subtitles so I felt really VIP :p). I think I would have prefer the movie in Danish.


A last words ?

I went to see the movie in a pretty old cinema called Bio Roy in Avenyn and it is a really nice place, the room itself look like a theatre with painted wall… Really really nice ! Also the price were quite affordable compare to other cinema (85SEK). So I recommend you to have a look.

And of course, go to see The Danish Girl if you haven’t seen it yet !

Hope to present you soon another local star,


(NB: The film poster and Alicia Vikander photo are from the wikipedia pages associated. That you should not go to before seeing the movie)

One thought on “Göteborg’s star #1 : An Oscar for Alicia Vikander

  1. I also loved the movie and agree that it is part of the fun in getting to know a city- knowing what they are proud of:)

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