Hiking tips #1 : Vättlefjäll, the frozen lakes’ walk

Are you worried about not having anything to do on weekends ? No need to worry =). Sweden is the perfect country to go hiking and discover beautiful pieces of nature. And you are lucky ! Around Göteborg, lot of them are accessible via the tram or bus system.


This weekend, I went with a group of 20 international students to the natural reserve Vättlefjäll in the north of Göteborg (tram 4, 8, 9 to Angered then bus 75 to Kryddnejlikegatan ).

Guided by one of the student buddy and dear friend of mine Nils – the best gothenburger guide ever -, we enjoyed a 6.6 km (red line) hike between lakes and forest.

On the red line…




And despite the quite grey sky, it was simply amazing…

Breathtaking !

One of the many frozen lakes…



It was really nice to enjoy the snowy forest while the city centre was – at that time – in a “warm” phase and specially really impressive to see all the frozen lakes…

All the infinite frozen lakes…


People ice skating on the lakes


…But not as much impressive as seeing so many people actually doing ice skating on them !!!

Some of us tried to walk a bit on ice… But as the first local we meet there said “Ice is never sure”. Not really reassuring (and the cracking noise we heard was not either).

Frozen grass *.*




I have walked on a frozen lake (20 cm of ice) in Abisko in the North but I did not feel that adventurous this time with 5-6 cm (according to ice skaters).



A river between motion and stillness…

So let’s just say that we were not really equipped – we forgot the ice skates, so bad…- for this time. But next time for sure ! I always wanted to do ice skating on real lakes =).

We also appreciated the rivers and small waterfalls. We even saw a place to go swimming… and people barbecuing nearby. At the beginning of March ! And trust me it was smelling so good =).

After seeing people ice skating and barbecuing, I was almost expecting to see people swimming… Well probably this summer =).



Ready for a bath ?

Another infinite lake…

In general, it was a really nice walk, an awesome piece of nature !

To be honest, I am a bit frustrated as my few pictures cannot reflect the whole feeling and that I cannot share with you the 90 pictures I have :p.

I really appreciate the contrast between the white of the snow and the green of the forest. Between the frozen lakes and the vivid rivers.


And I appreciated even more to share this moment with students all over the world =).

I am now really curious to go back this summer to discover an other face of the Vättlefjäll natural reserve, to swim and have barbecues =).



Don’t hesitate to follow our steps !

Hope to see you there =).





And of course ! Thank you so much Nils =).


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