New blogger!

Hello everybody!

I am Rea from Greece and I am a new blogger at lettersfromgothenburg. After living in Sweden for 1 and a half year now, I feel really happy that I am having the chance to share some of my experiences with you. And there are so many of them!
Some little things about me….

I am a social worker and my recent studies here in Gothenburg, are about social work and human rights. And one of the things I like more in Sweden has to do with that. Is the fact that people here have a lot of respect for humanitarian values and they welcome any different culture. I believe you will see it too from the very first days, that here you can be yourself and you will never feel that somebody is judging what you are!

One of my hobbies is the physical exercise. In Greece I use to do some kick boxing training and now I am thinking to join a team here. As you have probably realized already, Swedes are also super passionate about exercise! You might have seen them jogging all around the city even when it is freezing outside! And if you are one of these persons that do not enjoy running in the cold, Gothenburg has so many gyms and sports teams that you can join. I will tell you more about that in later posts.
One last thing about myself is that I consider my friends an important part of my life and I enjoy spending time with them. One of the great things about being a student abroad is that you have the chance to meet new people from all over the world and maybe make some lifelong friendships. It is really amazing how fast you can bond with people when you are far from your home. I am happy to say that I was lucky enough to become friends with some great people who made my staying here so amazing! My experiences with them will also be an important part of this blog.

Greetings from Gothenburg!

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