I have tried for you #2 : IMPRAM – Improvisation in Göteborg

Founded in 2015, IMPRAM is an English-speaking, improvisation group in Göteborg. Once a month, they offer funny and “crazy” performance for our own pleasure. I discovered them during their latest show and when they proposed a try out session for new members, the comedian I was in my youth could not resist.

This is why I have tried for you IMPRAM – improvisation in Göteborg

IMPRAM is a really international group with people from all over the world. This rich and various background allow each of them to bring an amazing piece to a whole.

Last show’s leader explaining the next improvisation game – 1, 2, 3 Improv !!

Before each new show, the sessions are lead by a member of the group who will lead the show itself. Everything is organized as a giant game with games to warm up, games to remember everyone’s name, games for the team spirit… and everyone get the chance to lead those little exercises and to express its own imagination.

The team is extremely friendly with the new people and everyone’s feel quickly integrated and enter completely in the games. Enter in a world were mistake and judgement do not exist and just flow away with a simple hand shaking movement and one word “Again !” (Let’s just restart it).

Impram actors improvising during the last show at Frilagret

After the warming part came the real improvisation time. Various games are proposed, various characters appears and disappears on stage and amazing stories are built. Amazing stories, coming from the imaginations of different people but making sense as ones.

In most of the “exercises”, anyone can jump in and out, bringing its own piece to the scenes. And this is when you truly enter in the magic of improvisation. When you can be laughing from the public and the second after, walking on stage.This magical moment that allow you to be at the same time actor and spectator of the same story.

The whole team after the try out session… fascinated by the spotlights…

The session is over too soon, and everyone, in “circle”, take the time to speak about various projects, about IMPRAM weekends that seem promising, about the next shows… A group picture – in which everyone seem suddenly attracted by the light like moths and mosquitoes (mystery I will have to solve :p) – freeze a last precious moment before everyone got back to normal life, or to grab a beer…



My conclusion

The try out session with IMPRAM was really a nice experience, reminding me the theatre and improvisation I did when I was younger. So if you are interested keep yourself updated about their future shows and potential future try out session on their facebook page.

See you there =).


( Useful informations : Practices are on Wednesdays evening and require adhesion to the association. Shows usually are on Thursdays and cost 40SEK – Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ImpramImprov/timeline – IMPRAM is a non-profit group, money is reinvested in show material – Credit pictures : Alejandro Valenzuela and Behrooz Sangchoolie)

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