I have tried for you #1 : Boardgame evening at Tintin

Since 5-6 years, the CouchSurfing Boardgame group use to gather in various Göteborg’s cafés to share a very a special moment around board and cards.

This group already captured me two years ago when the events where taking place in another café on Vasagatan and it is with a real pleasure for me today to introduce it for you.

I have tried for you : Boardgame evening at Tintin

What was finally in those plastic bags…

It is 6pm and mysterious people start to enter in Tintin, a café restaurant nearby Olivedalsgatan  (trams 1, 2, 6). Some of them carry huge plastic bags that seem full of boxes. They order some food and sit all together often around the round table. People around might wonder what is happening… But no worrying, the truth is quickly revealed and the bags contains nothing but… boardgames.

Dixit, an awesome game in which you give hints to the other players to find the original card – Drawings are amazing !

Smaller group start to gather according on what each person wants to play. Here everyone is welcomed, travellers, hosts, students, workers… Want to try a game ? No need to know the rules ! You will always find someone to explain you and people to play with you.

Quickly, some people prefer to let their imaginations take the control while they imagine hints playing Dixit or Codenames. Others love to enter in someone else’s skins and start complicated debates with “role” games such as Werewolves, Resistance, Avalon, Saboteur, Bang!

Codenames, link words together for your team to find all your agents before the enemies.

On the side, cities are built with Carcassonne and camels from Camel Cup are running on the board while players bet on them. Some students suddenly feel rich buying and selling properties with (name game), treasures with Splendor or beans with Bohnanza

Some prefer to use their charms playing card games like Geisha or Love letter and to light fireworks with Hanabi.

Fight to be the one that will bring the Love letter to the princess…


Everyone finally find its place, sharing a nice moment in which everyone let is true self speak. And as soon as the game is over, you will always find people to keep playing or try something else.

It is finally 9pm – 10pm in summer – and the last table hurry to finish the round while others tables are packing. It is over for tonight but the players will meet again soon.


My conclusion

In a total non-objectivity, the boardgame evening have been my little weekly escapade since a friend introduce me two years ago. It is my moment in the week, the one I would not exchange against any other event. I love feeling myself while playing a role, having fun, laughing and sharing such moment with amazing and interesting people. If you love boardgames, just give it a try.

Do not hesitate to bring your own game, boxes come and go with their owners and everyone is eager to discover new things.

See you there =).


(Useful information : all events are free but remember that Tintin is really nice to host us. So buy a piece cake, they are delicious :p – Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/CSBGG/timeline)

(NB : By respect for the clients and workers at Tintin, pictures have not been taking in the restaurant but in another place. – Credit pictures : Alejandro Valenzuela)

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