Baking in Göteborg #1 : Semla !

Coming from Christian Traditions, The Fat Tuesday, also called Carneval/Carnaval/Carnival in various countries, is originally a period of Celebration period before fasting season.

In Sweden, this special Tuesday called Fettisdagen as a particular taste… the taste of Semla ! Semla is one of the pastries that make your winter stay of Sweden full of light despite the terrible weather. Filled with marzipan and covered with cream this pastry is perfect to celebrate the concept of “Fat” Tuesday.

This year Fettisdagen was the 9th of February but I did not have time until now to organise a Semla baking session ! It is this new experience, I wanna now share with you.

How to bake home made Semlor

Step1SemlaIn a pot, melt 100g of butter within 300mL of milk up to 37°C. You can use your little finger to estimate the temperature (body temperature).

Prepare 1tsp of cardamom mixed with 50g of fresh yeast. Mix everything together.

Once the yeast has melted, add ½ tsp salt, 85g sugar and about 500–550 g plain flour.


step2semlaWork the dough for 15 minutes. Let it rise to twice its size for about 40 minutes. Separate the dough in 15 to 25 buns and let them rise on oven paper for about one hour.

part3semla Brush the buns with egg and bake at 225°C- 250°C between 5 to 10 minutes. Leave to cool. Cut off the tops of the buns, scoop out the centre and crumble it in a bowl.

part4semlaMix the crumbs with 200g of grated marzipan and 100mL of milk. The texture should be a creamy mass. Fill the buns with the mixture.

part5semlaWhip 300 mL of cream, spoon it over the filling. Place the top on the bun and dust with icing sugar.

Your Semlor are ready ! Enjoy with tea and coffee !!!!
My delicious precious and I…

To be honest, my first contact with Semla in a café did not really convince me… But trust me those home made Semlor were just amazing !!!

And even if I miss a bit the crepes and “bugnes” (special kind of beignets), we traditionally eat in my home country for this day we call Mardi gras, I am glad I had the chance to discovertoday the deliciousness of Semla !



Thanks for all the cooks for this awesome baking experience !!! And now it is your turn readers ! Do not be shy and try to make your own Semlor =).

And do not hesitate to invite me to taste them !


Our baking group, proud of its Semlor =).

PS : The complete original recipe is from

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