It’s a small world!

Gothenburg is the second largest city of Sweden, but sometimes it feels like being in a village. It is a small city where you can always travel from one place to another in less than half an hour and the population is not that big either, around 500.000 people live here.


These things combined make Gothenburg a city where the expression “It’s a small world!” have an increased meaning.

You go out to take a walk in the centre, just to enjoy a sunny day, or because you want to do a bit of shopping… And you can never avoid finding somebody that you know on the way! The same happens if you go out at night (here the probabilities increase as all the students are out at the same time), you will always encounter everywhere people that you know.

It happens also in the social networks, you can add a new person that you just met and suddenly you find out that you already had common friends!

Right now it happened to me with the blog, I was expecting new bloggers to start, but what was my surprise when I saw that I already knew both of them!

I know Emy from the photography group of the University, but we are also studying the same! So connections everywhere!

I met Rea because of Majo, another famous blogger now retired due to her internship at the Hague.

I hope that the three of us will be able to create nice posts with interesting things for all of you! And if you need to ask something or you are missing some specific topic you can always leave comments, we will be glad to hear about the student concerns and we will always try to offer all the information available!



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