The ‘Jaha! bulletin’ #5

I came from Spain to Sweden at the end of August of 2014, after a whole summer of horrible temperatures and fearing the sun.

At first the typical summer rain welcomed me but after that we had a beautiful month of September, with a lot of sun, and quite warm too! I continued trying to do what I was used to, avoid the sun! But then everywhere I was seeing Swedish people with their eyes closed, just facing to the sun with a smile in their faces. When I was going to the university everybody just wanted to have lunch outside or fika in the sun! All the plans included being outside feeling the rays! I really was starting to think that everybody was a bit crazy 😛

Seen today at the University, a line of students enjoying the sun. It was too funny to resist the temptation to not take a picture! 🙂

But yes… You can imagine what comes next. Everything changes after experiencing the first winter in Sweden, darkness, almost no sunlight, vitamin D levels at their lowest, every week less and less energy… And I just REALLY missed the sun!

Suddenly I started seeing the sun in a different way, suddenly it had a much higher value. And yes, I started staring at the sun with my eyes close. I become Swedish!

And here I was, one year after, August 2015, trying to enjoy the sun before the winter would take it away from me!!!


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