Snowy nature

It is difficult to trust the weather forecast lately because every day it seems to be changing for the upcoming days. But there is still a little hope that this Saturday may be a big snowfall if rain and high temperatures (+1º) don’t mess with it.

With the post that I wrote on January you already could see how the city looks like covered in white. Of course, try to not miss it, even if house feels so cosy.

But I wanted to share another view that should be enjoyed by everyone, because it is unique! As you may know, Gothenburg is a small city surrounded by nature, it is everywhere! You never have to go far to be around trees and lakes. Well, even if it is already beautiful any time of the year, when it snows it becomes a magic place. You can check it and judge by yourself: 😉

There is a moment that it is impossible to distinguish anymore between the path and surroundings


You should be careful and don’t trust the branches so covered in snow.


This is a frozen lake covered in snow, that day there was a man preparing a skating rink.


If we are lucky enough you will have the opportunity to visit this Narnia-like paradise. There are many places to go, but this pictures were taken in Änggårdsbergen.

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