New student ? People are here to welcome you !

Are you worrying about finding friends in this new place, about having something to do in your free time ?

Don’t worry there is lot of people here to help you and welcome you =).

The welcome programme by the university of Göteborg

The university of Göteborg offers Arrival days in which students will be there to pick you up at the airport, train station and ferry terminal. You will then go to sign all the papers needed to get a room and finally a bus will bring you to your dormitory.

Students from my awesome international buddy group (See student unions) from the first Semester (after eating)

They also provide Welcome packs with all the practical information you might need about life here from university rules to transport maps or even sim cards. Welcome meetings are organised to present you Sweden and the university and to get a chance to ask directly “old” international students if you have any questions. Welcome fairs are planned too, in which you can have general information about administration (bank account, health care…) or Swedish courses and travels. You have a chance also to meet lot of exhibitors representing everything you can do here, like travels organisations, theatre groups, libraries, various nice projects for students… A newsletter is sent all year long to keep you informed about activities, workshops, useful tips… Well everything is organised to be sure you get to know everything you might need =).

Finally, a Welcome reception is offered to give you an warm Welcome to Göteborg.

The city of Göteborg is welcoming you

The city of Göteborg, via Student Göteborg, organize the whole year various free (or cheap) activities for the new students. You can get for example guided tours of some of the Museums, free tickets for the Opera, free entrance at Liseberg (the attraction parc) and Universeum (a place you have to go with, among others, a rainforest and an aquarium), bike city tours, sports initiations (salsa, volleyball…), boat tour on the river… and lot of others !

Student unions are here for you

Different unions are here for international students : Göteborg International Student Association (GISA) for all faculties, IntU for Handels business school and Intet for the medicine faculty. They offer you to be part of a buddy group with a student here to help you and guide you for your first steps in the city.

Students from my awesome international buddy group from the Second Semester (still after eating…)

During the first two-three weeks of the semester, they also have a rich and varied welcome programmes with speed fika (like speed dating without the dating but with pastries instead :p), language café, international dinner, trips to IKEA, city challenge, welcome parties… A nice way to meet quickly lot of new people !

Those activities continue all year if you join one of their interest groups (sports, international dining, photowalk…) or just the open activities (barbecues, laserdome, snowball fight…)

What else ?

Other activities can be found all over the city.  In October, The journey to the end of the night will take you into a crazy chasing race through the city. In February, the Göteborg film festival is an open window to the world. And those are just examples of events and festival that can occur in the city.

You can also simply join some groups to play boardgames or practice dance or theater..
Göteborg is a really active city and no matter your center of interests you will find people to share them with you. There is truly a place for everyone. Welcome to Göteborg !!!


PS : No students have been mistreated to take those pictures, smiles are authentic =).

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