Semla day!

February arrives and some people may think: oh! The month of love! Valentine’s day! 

But of course, not in Sweden, everybody knows what swedes just think about when February is coming… Semlor!!! 

Picture of:

If you are in Sweden right now, you may have already seen them everywhere, but probably you don’t know that here everything has a day! Semla couldn’t be any different! Today is their day! So don’t forget to have one in your fika!

Last year fika on semla day!

Semlor (the plural of semla) are small, wheat flour buns flavoured with cardamom, filled with almond paste and whipped cream. Nowadays you can find many different flavours in the bakeries or in the supermarkets, but most of the Swedes will strongly defend the “real” semla.

It almost become like a competition, to try different ones in different places, to be able to rate them and find the best among the best! As the flavours can be in many different proportions (the bun itself, different tastes of the almond paste, or even a different whipped cream), you can find completely different semlor, ones you would like more, some others less, but that is the funny part of trying! You never know 😉


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