Feeling like a penguin

Oh! How beautiful is the snow! How fluffly and white… How soft and fresh…


A fews days later…

Everyone hating snow! We are all like penguins trying to mantain the equilibrium to not end with our butts on the ice.


When you go out on the streets, you may find nice principal avenues completely clean, but in some other places you may find this in front of you:


Or another example of a terrifying sidewalk:


With the cold of the last few days the rests of snow are not fluffly anymore, and have become hard as a rock. And where the snow had melted a bit, the water has become pure ice.

So these days don’t forget to look down when walking! Don’t be ashamed of even having to grab a fence or anything near you, better that than to have a bad fall 😉

Image 2 from giphy.com

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