Snowy Gothenburg!

It is no news that Gothenburg is covered by snow, but I know that it is difficult to find a reason to go out to the cold when you feel how cozy it is to stay at home and just look through the window. I am going to show you the amazing views you must be missing!!

On Friday I walked around the city and took some pictures of the main places covered in white. Hope you like it!

Of course I couldn’t miss visiting the outsides of the main building of the University of Gothenburg.
White Vasaplatsen. I think it looks so beautiful the contrast of the snow with the blue trams! *-*
Poseidon couldn’t keep the snow from falling over him neither.
Gun statue of Aveny.
The canals of Gothenburg frozen!!
Snow in Brunnsparken.
Benches where you don’t want to seat.
And to finish, beautiful images that leave the outdoor decorations.

Now it is your turn to go out and enjoy it yourself! 😉

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