It’s time to say good bye

So it’s time to say good bye my dear everyone! This could be a Hej då! But I see it more as a Hej hej! since every end is a new beggining.
My time as a blogger came to an end, at the moment I am in The Netherlands making part of my master programme here and let me tell you that I already miss Gothenburg!
For me all this ‘Gothenburg time’ was a healing experience after a very sad event that happened in my life, but you know what? The people here, the new experiences and the new opportunities helped me to heal. Also I saw that I was not the only one coming from a difficult experience and that’s the richness of the diversity, to find people that no matter the particularities of your background can identify with you! 🙂
Besides that, let me tell you that it was a pleasure to give you a taste of how is to be an international student in the University of Gothenburg.
We came all the way from me looking for housing till me moving out from Gothenburg.
We went from winter, to autumn, to spring, to summer!
I hope you enjoyed all the adventures that I had in this wonderful city.
As for the future I might not be able to send you letters from Gothenburg anymore but I have very good friends that will do so for you 😉 (check out the new bloggers writing for this page!) And who knows, maybe I’ll send you letters from Netherlands soon or even better letters from Bolivia all the way to your home! 😀
 Enjoy your time in sweden, make the most of it, laugh, cry, do everything! But do it from the heart.
 Hej hej! (Då)!

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