Differences Between the Swedish and the Dutch Student Life

Hej everyone! As you might have noticed (maybe not actually ;)) I moved out to The Netherlands to make an internship as a part of my master in the University of Gothenburg.


The life here as a student is very fun but as a declared Gothenburg lover I am already missing beautiful Gothenburg 😉

But what is the difference between Sweden and The Netherlands as  a student? Check it out!

1.No queues with number!

I remember how many times I used to complain about the way how Swedes line up in the stores. The thing is that in Sweden there are not queues! You only take a number and you can go for example for a coffee, to watch a movie, to play with your dog or to hang out with your friends and then return and when they call your number it’s your turn in the ‘queue’, no one can take your place! But in The Netherlands the queues exist, and there is no number that can save you 😉 you have to line up and wait for your turn there. Good/ Bad? Just different I would say.


2.The Dutch people don’t celebrate Christhmas as much as they celebrate Sinterklaas!

Sinterklass is a mythical character based in Saint Nicholas that comes every year from Spain to give you gifts! Sinterklass is celebrated every 5th of December and in that day you spend it normally with your family in a dinner, lunch or having some quality family or friends time.


3.No Systembolaget!

Do you have a party, a birthday or a celebration/ You forgot to buy a wine for that important dinner? Is it 8 in the night and Systembolaget is closed already? Don’t worry, go to The Netherlands! In The Netherlands the alcohol it’s sold in regular supermarkets that are normally open until late. There is not a place like Systembolaget but also in the supermarkets there is not a huge variety of drinks to choose.  Either way is very accessible and you don’t have to worry of being the only one without a beer in a party. Cheers to that!


4.Lunch is dinner and dinner is lunch

Mmm yes, lunch is dinner and dinner is lunch. In the lunch they take something more close to the fika, a sandwich, some cookies or dry bread with marmalade and a coffee or tea. But in the dinner they get a full meal that for me it’s called lunch. Confusing right? 😉


5.The Netherlands doesn’t have too much snow

In the city I’m living currently (The Hague) is very weird to have snow in winter. Right now for example we are in 12 degrees and a bit of sun. However if you are very skinny you might think twice before coming to The Hague since the wind may take you…to an unknown dimension, and you don’t want that do you?

For Dutch people this is extreme winter snow.


 6.Who wants Universeum when we have Omniversum?

Yes, they are very similar 😉


 7. Who needs caviar in a tube if we can have a sandwich of sprinkles?

And yes! In The Netherlands they don’t have caviar in a tube but they have something very particular too, sprinkles sandwich! Yes, yes, I can hear from here: ‘Shut up and take my money!’


8. Västtrafik is nothing to be scare about

Do you get nervous when Västtrafik jumps to the tram and ask for tickets? I do! Even though I have my proper transport card I get always very nervous I don’t know why. But imagine this, the first five days that I have been in The Hague I’ve been checked for the HTM people the 5 days straight and one of those was by undercover agents that come up as normal people and then take out their credentials to check everyone. It was  shocking for me but now it happened at least three times so I don’t get scared anymore ;), but if you come you will! So come 😉


Here are some pics of The Netherlands for you to see how I am doing now now 😉

In conclusion, both cities are amazing! Both are small and walkeable and both have something magic in it, however my heart will always be with Gothenburg, does it shows too much? 😉

Cheers from The Hague!

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