From Gothenburg to Palermo

On the 16 of November a group of 6 people from different nationalities went to Palermo-Italy to represent the country where we are living now: Sweden!


Rasa (Latvia), Emina (Sweden-Bosnia), Quang (Sweden-Vietnam), Vladimir (Serbia), Orhun (Turkey) and Majo (Bolivia) were the chosen ones to attend the international youth exchange “Multi-Generation. Finding our identity”.


This event was sponsored by Erasmus+ and born as an initiative of Per Esempio, a non-profit association located in Palermo. The association that made this possible for us was the well-known UF – Utrikespolitiska Föreningen Göteborg that creates interest and promotes knowledge about foreign policy issues.

But there is a key word in all of this: Exchange. Seven countries were part of this event (Egypt, Romania, Sweden, Tunisia, Portugal, Turkey and Italy) and young active people coming from different backgrounds was reunited.


Besides making a review of key concepts about migration and multiculturalism we had also the pleasure to have first hand experiences about second generation migrants. One of them resume his experience as: ‘it was like living two lifes in one’ and the other young man explained what issues arise when is about to ‘become’ an Italian citizen. It was 8 days full of learning and, of course, we learned about the different customs too!

Check out our cultural night: What Sweden has to offer to the world? Many things! From technology like Spotify till Zlatan! From the custom of taking the shoes out untill not to take the last piece! And from midsommar till Lucia, we showed everything!


Beautiful Palermo offered us its best in those 8 days!



But…if you put a lot of young people together there will be also other kind of exchange: party!


In summary the ‘Multi Generation: Finding Your Identity’ exchange programme was successful!

12064351_10153797818949579_1175914469_n (1)

And I venture to say that we gain experiences and friends for life…!

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