Photo-guide to enjoy the Christmas city lights


Christmas is here! And you can feel it everywhere!

If you are planning on taking a look at the Christmas lights of Gothenburg, I will tell you a quick way that you can take to enjoy them.

A good place to start is Götaplatsen, where you have the Poseidon lighten up as always, but now with the amazing view of the Light tree of Liseberg!


From there you can just walk down Avenyn and enjoy all the different light combinations!

christmas lights
Light Christmas-trees everywhere!
Or trees with its own light decorations!
And even light coloured trees!
Of course, you cannot miss the beautiful mix of the lights with the trams going up and down the street.

Once you are getting closer to the centre you will start seeing the incredible store fronts prepared for Christmas:


And finally you will arrive to Brunnsparken, with this beautiful view of the square:


And of course, the sight form there of the Gustaf Adlofs Torg and the big tree that is placed and decorated for Christmas:


After all this I assure you that you will need a warm place to sit and have a nice fika with hot chocolate, something that you can do in many places around Brunnsparken!

Hope you have time to go out and enjoy the city lights!

God Jul!


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