Christmas market in Kronhuset

There is a place I only discovered today. It’s called “Kronhuset“.

From Gustaf Adolfs Torg, you’ve only 2 minutes to walk. But, yes, I know. Usually, you get crazy in the billions of stores of Nordstan instead of losing yourself in what you think are little desert streets. But like everytime you think ‘there is nothing to see there’, off course there is!

“Kronhuset” is actually one of the oldest building of the city, dating from the mid-17th century. I’ve read somewhere that it was then a storehouse for military stuffs (artillery, military uniforms…) Today, it is much more peaceful, since you will find inside a Christmas market, with all kind of handcraft: from honey to pullovers, lamps, biscuits, and wood goblins (my favorite).
Outside of the main building, smaller buildings host other shops: leather factory, handmade clothes… All prohibitively expensive for my student budget, but yeah (TIP /!\) you can seek consolation by enjoying a free hot ‘wine’ and free tasting biscuits, hihihi!



-Because Swedish people love to disguise, you will find ‘military’ guys outside, and ‘traditional’ dressed shopkeepers.

-Because Swedish people are keen on singing, you may hear some choral.

-But because Swedish people are crazy, they will never not stop singing or selling sausages, even if a storm try to disturb them.


Christmas market:
Tuesday to Friday: 11.00am-18.00pm.
Saturdays-Sundays 11.00am-16.00pm.
Closed on Monday

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