5 days in Oslo

Take the bus from the Central Station. Read the guide you’ve borrowed at the Stadsbiblioteket during the 3,5 hours ride. Be exited. At your arrival, get lost in Oslo’s central station. Please do. It’s a kind of rite of passage for every travelers. Finally find the T-ban (kind of subway). Reach your first couchsurfers’ house. Meet a nice Danish/Philipinian couple. Wait for your home country friend to arrive. Smile, laugh, eat. Enjoy the present moment.


At that point, you do not know.

You do not know the cross-country ski shop at every corner. Reindeer meat on restaurants’ menu. The soundtrack of the city -the band Beach House being played in every single café. The fresh air of the Marina. The strength of Vigeland’s drawing and sculptures. Vigeland himself. The delicious smell of wood in the Opera House. The lively song of the town hall bells.

You do not know what Oslo has to offer to you.
I swear it has a lot.


Not to miss:

Munch, The Kiss
  • The powerful parallel between Munch’s and Vigeland’s work at Munch Museum.


  • The inspiring “Comic-strip / Architecture”exhibition, uplighting the mutual nourishing between these two arts. More information here.




Please miss:

The Damien Hirsh exhibition, as well as Jeff Koons works, included in the “Good morning America” exhibition, both in the  . Iiiiiiiirk, I hate the two guys. Do instead a walk outside the museum to admire its boat alike architecture, and take hot drink in one of the Marina’s café!


Photo Credits: Clémence R.

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