Winter is coming…

You probably have noticed the change last week. Suddenly one day we were at our typical 9-10 degrees, and the next we were freezing in minus degree temperatures and your phone app for the weather forecast looks now like this:


It is really cold, but it leaves us beutiful views like this, the other morning, when everything was completely frozen:


Don’t be afraid of the cold, enjoy it and look at the bright side. Like when normally we are able to feel the sun in our skin when we have these temperatures in Gothenburg, or how cozy it feels to be at home now and light up some candles, the great moment when you are out in the streets and decide to enter some place to have a hot drink, the breathing of that cold air that makes your enviroment feel clean and pure…

Smile to the winter!

Put on your best winter clothes and go outside to enjoy it as well as you can! Even if you are a cold-hater 😀

Just be careful when walking with the slipery streets!

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