The ‘Jaha! bulletin’ #4

I continue the series of posts that Majo started about our ‘Swedification’, stored in this category.

It is probable that this weekend you have been invited to somebody’s house, maybe to have a dinner, or to throw a party, it can be that you are only going to have a relaxing afternoon of fika, maybe some pre-party, or even to a formal dinner!

Anyway, if you are thinking about what you will be wearing, I will make things easier for you, don’t even pretend to match your shoes with your outfit; nobody is going to see them anyway! 😀

This is where your shoes will stay, at the entrance.

Maybe you should start changing your way of thinking and start planning what socks to use for the occasion!


Here everywhere you go you have to take the shoes off, even when you enter in the gym!! :O At first it is impossible not to forget to do it, you enter to somebody’s house and suddenly they look at your feet putting a weird face, and you know that you did something wrong! For me was quite a change, because in Spain can even be considered rude to take off your shoes if it is not your house.

Now it is the opposite, when I go back home and I go to somebody’s home, I have to really try hard to not feel really uncomfortable with the shoes on, feeling that I am doing something really bad.

So yes, in this case, I turned completely Swedish! 🙂



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