DIY: No more white walls!

Maybe there is some people that really like the minimalistic decorations, but I cannot stand to have a white wall, I think it is too boring! I like a more colourful view where I spend my time.

So today’s post is a DoItYourself of decorating walls with pictures! And trust me, student affordable 😉

All of us, when we go away to study, we are leaving a lot of people behind, all the family, the friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, your pet… So one of the options is to select pictures of your loved ones to be able to continue seeing them even if you are thousands of kilometres away.

people pictures

Another option, if you don’t like pictures of people around you, is to print beautiful nature pictures. I like photography a lot, so I print my own pictures, but even if you don’t take pictures, you can always find really nice photos around the web.

nature pics

Then when you selected the pictures it comes the printing part. There are two options, the “a bit more expensive” one, or the “cheap” one. The most expensive but with better visual results is to go to a photography shop to print them in real photo paper, the colours look nicer, but if you have to print a lot of pictures it can become really expensive.

The second option is to print them in paper in a normal Printing shop, sometimes they have different kind of papers and you can even select good quality printings that can look really nice once printed. When you have to print a looot of pictures is the best option!

The next step is to go to any supermarket and buy an Appli-tack, really cheap and with only one you could decorate the walls of an entire house! Years ago it used to be really messy when using it, leaving stains in the walls and being difficult to remove… But now they improved all that a lot and now they are normally white (not blue anymore!) and they don’t stain. Also, it is always easy to remove.


And last, but not least, just arrange them as you like and fill with colour your walls!

These were my results: 😀

before and after

before and after

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