The worst month of the year

Yes, it can exist the worst month of a year, and whomever you would talk about that in Sweden, they will tell you that that month is November. And of course, there are good reasons.


November is the month when you start feeling that every day is shorter, it is when the sunset goes down from 5 pm, and keeps happening sooner and sooner every day that passes. You get disoriented; you can’t tell anymore what time it is! And it makes you feel tired, because you see that is dark, and you associate that with night time.


It is also when it starts getting colder, but still a “boring” kind of cold, it doesn’t snow (At least not in Gothenburg), it just rains and the clouds keep the sun away from us the only few hours that we could enjoy it.


It feels like a month of waiting, with nothing special, we just wait for December to come… And I assure you that December is not like November. Suddenly everything gets lighten up, the Christmas is felt everywhere, everybody puts lights everywhere around, and there is a moment that you are already used to the eternal night. So you just enjoy December and its magic days.

Probably that is why every year they start at the end of October to already sell Christmas lights and decorations, to try to make people forget about this boring month so… Merry Christmas people! Enjoy November all you can!

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