A Wonderful Visit to The Swedish Parliament!

I know what comes to your mind when I say Stockholm: the Gamla Stan, the Stockholm City Hall and the Ericsson Globe. But what if I tell you that instead of this I visited the Swedish Parliament? (Yes, I am hearing you right now: bo-ring!) But believe me, boring is the last thing that the Parliament is!


The last week the Network of Future Global Leaders, composed by all the Swedish Institute scholarship holders, had an exciting visit to the Swedish Parliament.


Let me share with you some curious data about the Parliament. Ready? Go!

  • The parliament of Sweden is composed by 349 members with 8 political parties represented.


  • The Social Democratic have the majority of sits being the biggest party represented in the Parliament.
  • Remember the day Wednesday because on Wednesdays the decisions are made in the Parliament!SI10
  • The parliament is huge! And is composed by 7 building connected by tunnels!SI9
  • Look at this this person. He is Per Westerberg and he was one of the most pro-fika politicians, can you see the pic? 😉SI12
  • This amazing decoration is not only decoration, it’s actually all the constitutions represented!SI5
  • The parliament has a 47% of women representatives.


But, what to do to be a member of the Parliament? The only fundamental requirement is to be a Swedish citizen and be 18 years old as minimum.

And what about the king? The king speaks every 2nd Tuesday in September for all the members of the Parliament.

Exciting place isn’t it?

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