I guess rainy days are perfect for curling up under a duvet. Having some recollection of your previous life as a marmot. It also appears to be a great time for reading books, watching films, and enjoying some music. These without-sun days, I’ve been kept listening to Todd Terje’s Album: « It’s Album Time » (2014).

Mea Culpa.

First of all, a correction. I’ve previously said here that he was Swedish and in fact he is not. (Lesson N°1: Amazing friends are not always reliable sources.) He is a Norwegian DJ, originally coming from Mjøndalen (near Oslo). (Lesson N°2: Guys from “the Continent” should stop mixing Scandinavian countries!) But still, he is a great artist from “the North”, so he’s definitely worth presenting.

-Be able to recognize this amazing beard if you plan (as I do) to visit Oslo within next weeks. Photo Credits: Christian Belgaux
Todd Terje – Photo Credits: Christian Belgaux

(Lesson N°3: Be able to recognize this amazing beard if you plan, as I do, to visit Oslo within next weeks.)

Electro, Funk, Disco, Jazz : Dance and interludes.

« I like my music very fruity. » – Todd Terje.

At first, Terje was “only” making brilliant remixes. Time passing by, he felt the need for writing full songs on his own. He was right to dare, since « It’s Album Time » offers an amazing trip into outer-space. Not so surprising from a guy first studying astrophysics.

All is there. From electro beats to funk rhythms.Todd Terje even successfully brought piano on « Strandbar » (on the Disco version) and gives you an irrepressible need to dance on jazzy tempo (« Svensk Säs »).

The best part is that all this funkiness is perfectly equilibrated with intimate interludes, such as his interpretation of the famous ballade «Johnny and Mary»–  but also thanks to a kind of minimalism, on « Deloran Dynamite » for instance.

Hope you will enjoy!

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