Feeling the Halloween Atmos-fear: Welcome to Liseberg!

How many of you been lucky enough to visit Liseberg in Halloween?

lise 1337

I was! Thanks to my Fairy Godmother (boyfriend) that gave me the tickets as a birthday present! Thank you Fairy Godmother! (boyfriend).

lise 2

Today I’ll share with you a photo diary of how beautiful (and fuuuuun!)Liseberg was last week 😀

lise 8676y

First of all, the best attractions were open to the public! So what’s the thing that boyfriends (and girlfriends but clearly not me) most love to do? Extreme rollercoasters of course! And there was the Helix…lise 6lise 9

The Helix is a rollercoaster full of loops, 360 turns and, I truly believe, that if there is one rollercoaster that breaks all the gravity rules is this one! After experiencing that rollercoaster, believe me, you will want more and more! So we basically jumped there 3 times.

lise u8676

Why not to have a taste of the famous Atmosfear? Did you know that is one of the tallest shock towers in the world? Well, clearly boyfriends loves rollercoasters but this girlfriend loves shock towers! So I was happy to do this one 😀


And here is a little trial about how it feels to ride the Atmosfear 😉

One of my favorite parts was the fortune wheel!? Believe me, I feel fortunate enough to have seen the city from above, how beautiful! Look the Gothia Towers!

lise 13

lise 8

Where I was not so lucky it was in the huge chocolates game…what the saying says? (what does the fox says ;)?) Lucky in love, unlucky in game…that’s so true!

lise 5

Ok, ok, but where is the Halloween part in this? Well, when Liseberg celebrates something, celebrates it BIG TIME! So three horror houses were open for those people that is brave like me, can you see my face?

lise 10

Besides this, Liseberg was the land of the undead and you could see zombies just wandering around.Check out this buddy for example 😉

lise 11

All around the park you could feel the atmos-fear of Halloween.


Finally, guys I have visited Liseberg in regular dates, in Christhmas and in Halloween and when they commit to do something they just do it magically. Don’t miss it next year!


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