Gyms for students in Gothenburg

The cold and the darkness are coming, and you realise that even if you are surrounded by nature, it starts to become impossible to train outside, and the lack of sun, makes you start lacking energy too…

All you need to do is find a good gym to go and have the motivation again! The city has several gyms with incredible offers for students.

If you are looking for a cheap place or if your priority is the location or if you are interested on what they can offer you with the membership… this is your guide! With real comments of real students, just like you 😉


The best known gym for students! First of all, because it is included as an offer in the welcome pack of the welcome week for international students, so normally it is the first choice for everybody, or at least, the first that they know.
But also because it has some good locations around the city:

    Gibraltargatan 39-41 – at Chalmers
    Kaserntorget 11 – city gym
    Lindholmspiren 3 – city gym
    Elektrovägen 1 – Climbing gym
    Gamlestadsvägen 4 (hus B2) – CrossFit gym

Student prices:
275 kr/month for the city gyms, Chalmers gym and for the Climbing gym. It includes group trainings (Binding contract of 12 months – 330 kr/month without binding contract).
235 kr/month for one of the city gyms or Chalmers gym (Binding contract of 12 months).
195 kr/month for the Climbing gym (Binding contract of 12 months).
625 kr/month for all the rest including the CrossFit gym.

“I went to fysiken because my friends were going there, but also because it includes the climbing gym apart from the gym in Chalmers and the ones in the city. I like the trainings that it offers. My favourites are body pump, power circuit and spinning. It has a lot of classes all the time! I normally go only during the winter, so I like that they offer a non-binding contract price” – Esther Nuñez

“I chose Fysiken because it is close to where I live and also because I love climbing! I go there mostly when the weather is too bad to climb outside in summer, or to train outside in winter. The gym has a lot of routes with different levels of difficulty that allow you to improve your technique and strength. It includes also a training area perfect for climbers with finger strengthen, pull up bars, and lots of other things. You get the opportunity to meet a lot of people with the same passion for climbing, and you can share mutual knowledges.” – Stefan Ebmeyer

Nordic Wellness

This gym has a great offer for students! You pay 299 kr/month and you get all the advantages of their guld+ membership! You have to pay a registration fee of 295 kr the first time, but you can drop out at any time, there is no binding condition.

It includes the access to all the Nordic Wellness gyms, all the group training sessions, including strength training, fitness training and CrossFit-like trainings.
Multiple locations to choose, impossible to put all of them!

    23 gyms in the region of Gothenburg that offer group training.
    16 gyms in the region of Gothenburg with only gym.

“I love this gym because of the locations; you can always find one close to you. But most of all, I chose this gym because of the group trainings. For the first time I found a gym that, when doing CrossFit-like exercises they don’t make you pay more! I love the Cross Cage and Cross Challenge group trainings, but also other classes where you train your strength and fitness like Body pump, Tabata or Body Combat.” – My opinion

“I tried different gyms at first, but as an overall first impression I liked Nordic Wellness the most. I love what they include in the student membership as I am more interested in the classes, and they have a lot to offer! One of the best things is the booking system of the classes, you do it via an app and you can collect drops, that at the end of the month can be used to get discounts at Sports stores. It is a very smart idea to motivate people to train” – Stefanie Weber


Probably one of the most expensive ones, but still, when being a student you get a 20% discount in any of the memberships that you choose. As a new member you get two sessions with a personal trainer and if you choose the City membership, you can use any of the gyms around the city and even use the swimming pool of Valhalla. It offers a good variety of group trainings.

“I chose SATS because of the location. I like the gym and the people is really nice, especially the people working there. I do 50/50 strength training by myself and group training with others. I love strength training, but group training is also very good to give you the motivation to go and give all you have. I often choose classes with good tempo and interval training to get some condition training as well, something I am not good at doing on my own” – Karoline Berger

Fitness 24seven

What if you have complicated schedules? What if you want to train at 3 am, just because… just because you want to! Here is the place for you, a gym that opens 24/7!
It has many locations around the city:

    7 gyms that only have the gym and:

      GöteborgKungsgatan – Kungsgatan 15 – offers group training
      GöteborgOlskroken – Hökegatan 30 – offers group training
      GöteborgUllevi – Skånegatan 1-3 – offers group training

The student price is 169 kr/month, so it is also one of the cheapest ones for students. Once you are member you can train in every gym of the city. And you can go, literally, at ANY time you want to train.

City gym

Its most attractive thing is that all the memberships include access to the Valhalla swimming pool, so if you are a water person, this could be your option! As student you pay 250 kr/month (with a binding contract of 12 months). It does not offer group training in the gym part.

Exhale gym

For those who seek to continue (or maybe even start) their training in body building and weight lifting there is also a gym for that!
When being a student you have limited access hours (6-19) and pay 219 kr/month with a binding contract of 12 months.

Only one location: Kungshöjdsgatan 8

Very well rated by users around internet and famous for its trainings.


It has 10 locations around the city, and you have to get registered in one of them, good for people always faithful to an only place. The prices can be different depending on where you go, and you get the price by sending a form through their web, but I can tell you that a friend pays 299 kr/month. It offers group trainings and the gym itself.

“I started going to that gym because my boyfriend was going there, and even if we moved away from where it is now, we still keep going because we really like it. It has a lot of machines and weights, and there is not many people if you go on the evenings. I never go to classes, I prefer to work out by myself and lift weights to build muscles! – Angelica Chaiel Johansson

Friskis and Svettis Göteborg

As a student you pay 275 kr/month with a binding contract of 12 months and an initial fee of 100 kr. It offers a complete gym and group trainings. You have access to all the gyms and to all the trainings.

13 locations around the city.


As a student you can pay three months for 1350 kr or 249 kr/month. It offers group trainings and the gym.

Only one location: Torpagatan 8.


Now it is your time to choose which one is the best for you! 😀

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