Halloween is not a typical tradition in Sweden, it is a celebration that, like in the rest of Europe, started to arrive in the 1990s and every year is becoming more established. And why wouldn’t it? Everybody loves to dress up!

The ones that love it more are the kids. Last Saturday you could see them going from door to door asking for “godis”, dressed up as little cute skeletons, witches, or even some animal, everything is admitted on Halloween!

But not only the kids have fun on Halloween, the grown-ups also like to return to the childish feeling of being dressed up and not care for a day of what anybody might think. This is how suddenly on the tram you could ride with some really scary zombies, witches, people covered in blood, some that seemed normal until you looked at their eyes and they were red (That one almost killed me! So scary and unexpected!), mad scientists, vampires…

And of course! I also dressed up! 😀 I was a witch the night of Saturday; I even made myself a broom (These are the advantages of living in Sweden and to have the woods always next to you!).


We went to a friend’s house and we ate creepy but delicious food, you can see it here, incredible work of Karoline!


And enjoyed a lovely evening of being witches, creepy cats, scary zombies… we even had a pirate!


What about you? Did you celebrate Halloween? Tell here all about it in the comments below! 😉

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