Best Birthday Wishes on Halloween!

Halloween is here! Well, no exactly but is just around the corner! And is also my birthday! (wink, wink)

As I told you last year in my country is not a tradition to celebrate Halloween, we instead celebrate Todos Santos (All Saints) as you can see in one of my old blogs here:

But you know when in Rome do as Romans do 😉 (in this case would be: when in Sweden…but ok you understood!)

I have a good idea this time, what if I give you some advices for you to dress up the Halloween night ‘student style’? This means: on budget!

The last year I made a Halloween Birthday party and it was totally amazing! To have a birthday away of your family and your home is not easy but the people here made me feel beloved in every sense 😀


Leaving aside the sentimentality, do you wanna see some of the most creative customs of my halloween party totally On budget?

Check it out!

This is me! I was a Minnie mouse, only something black and red and the ears are super easy to do or to get very cheap also!


And what about being royalty that night?


Anna was a king totally on budget with this handmade crown 😉 And Rea, on the left hand, was a devilish doll!

Ok I think all of us had the fantasy to be a video game character. Aldo only bought a mustache and suspenders for this one, awesome!


Or just go for the simple, and great at the same time like Nikki (on the left) that got a witch hat and dressed black.

Other options include egipcian,bellerina and tiger 😉

P1240353 P1240360

And here is everyone!


I have an idea for you! Do you want to have the most scary costume ever? Dress as the control people of a famous brand of bus tickets in Gothenburg! Let’s call them Vasttragic. I don’t know about you but even with the card and everything I get scare of them :/ (well, now not anymore but maybe you yes!) So you just need a white hat, black or blue jacket and you can use a calculator to use it as the ticket controller, frightening right?

So guys happy Halloween, Feliz Todos Santos! And happy birthday to all the scorpios out there :*

PS.: If you are looking for a less ‘on budget’ custome you can visit these two custome stores:

Buttericks: Korsgatan 11

Bodega Partybutiken AB: Kyrkogatan 25

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