Adventure time!

Are you tired of always doing the same plans with your Friends in Gothenburg? Fika at Haga… Beers at Andralånggatan…
You have to know that in Gothenburg there is also place for adventures!

Last week I visited with my friends the Upzone of Borås and it was an amazing (and sometimes scary, but we will get to that) experience!
You can book the place before or you can directly go and do all the adventures that it offers:
Fun zone: close to the floor, you feel safe and do funny things like short zip-lines.

Adventure zone: more or less is like the fun zone but much higher, and a lot of funny zip-lines!

Fitness zone
Fitness zone
Fitness zone: Tricky way to move around, you work out a lot hands and legs.

scaryRisk zone: here it comes the scary part, just recommended for people really adventurous and not scared of highs! It has some difficult ways that will make you reconsider “Why did I come here!?!?”, but it is fun to share the scary parts with your friends, and you will have, for sure, lots of laughs.

Photos of Martin Palm.
Risk zone – Photos of Martin Palm.

Big swing: This is the last part of the adventure, it is a bit tricky to get there, but once you do it, it is great! You just have to take a leap of faith and take a step forward. And then you swing reaaally fast and high. Video to check:

Borås is a city located north-east from Gothenburg, 1 hour away.
You can get there by car, if you know somebody that has one (highway 40), or by public transport: Bus number 100 leaves from Körsvagen and gets you to the central station of Borås, and there you can take bus number 150 that moves around Borås. You should get down at the stop of the zoo (Djurpark in Swedish), where the Upzone place is situated.

If you already did this, tell us about your experience!! If not, book a place as soon as possible and enjoy it with your friends, 100% recomendable!
As you can see, all of us survived the adventure! 😀

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