What a BIOtiful day!


What are your plans for this weekend? If you are not in the mood for going to a bar or club with friends I have another option for you: The BIO! And no, I am not talking about this bio:


The Bio is the cinema in Sweden! and if you are a movie lover, like me, you’ll spend a lot of weekends there 😉


Thus week I went to see a beautiful movie, Inside Out, and that together with popcorns and that ‘movie feeling’ just made my day!


If you go there for the first time ask for a BIOklubben card. With this card you’ll have the possibility to collect points every time that you purchase a ticket for a movie or popcorns.Eventually with your acumullated points you’ll be able to change this for popcorns or even tickets! And also, as a member of the exclusiv BIOklubben ;), the people from the cinema will send you invitations for premiers or openings like the upcoming IMAX in Gothenburg.


Have in mind that some movies are in Swedish, others in English and others subtitled so even if you don’t speak Swedish or maybe you want to practice your Swedish you can go!

So, what are you waiting for? Right now the billboard is promissing and you’ll have fun!

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