The place to be!

Last week, I was planning to go to Alingsås, the City of Lights, here in Sweden.

All my friends were planning to visit it the very same week. Actually I really don’t know why, since you can admire the lighting installations there until November 1stBut, well, Alingsås was the-place-to-be last week. If you missed the train, it’s too late guy, you’re not that cool. (But you can still read the post of my friend Mercè.)

Hopefully I can tell you, there was also another place to be.

A place where hundreds of exited students looking for adventure are gathered. A place where you meet your friends, and casually enjoy the sunset like nowhere else. A place you only recommend to people you really like, because when it’s over-crowded, the pleasure is a bit wasted, just so you know. Finally, a place you definitely promise to yourself to come back when living! 


- Handels Library
– Handels Library

Enjoy your time my friends, be brave, and good luck to all of you for your exams.

PS: Since i’m becoming somehow of specialist, I will soon write a guide
about all the amazing lightening installations in GU libraries!
 Almost exited.
>”Biblioteken” Guide online now

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