New blogger!

Hello everyone!

11222981_10153173195005784_6317201245338174089_oI am Mercè, from Spain, one of the new bloggers of lettersfromgothenburg! I am really excited to start blogging about how it is to live in Gothenburg, I hope to be able to transmit how much I like this city and its student life!


A bit about me…

I am a biologist, passionate about sciences and, of course, nature! So this is the best country to be in the world! It has so much nature everywhere, you just step 5 minutes away from the core of the city and you can walk into the woods, forgetting that you are in the second largest city of Sweden.


As you can see, I loved computers for a loooong time.


Right now I am studying a Master in Molecular Biology focused in bioinformatics, so I am also a bit of a computer geek!





photographerMy second passion is the photography. I cannot consider myself a professional but I try hard to learn and to practice a lot, so obviously I will post many of my pictures of this beautiful region. Also, thanks to the iSPACE group (the photography group of students of the University of Gothenburg) I am always discovering new places to photography and new funny and amazing techniques. I will talk more about them in further posts.


I love also sports, rugby specially! I am currently on the Gothenburg team and we just won the Swedish championship! I will tell more about it in my next post! But as I love all kind of sports, I hope to create posts for all other sports lovers and training dedicated people.



Even after all this, I still have time to relax at home with a good book or tv series, and of course, enjoy lovely evenings with my friends here! My experiences with them will be an important part of this blog, as the people that I met here are the reason I am enjoying so much this experience in Gothenburg!


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