Watch out Gothenburg…New Ambassadors are in Da House!

Yesterday 7th of October it was the official kick-off for the new Student Ambassadors and Digital Ambassadors for the University of Gothenburg!

Back in my time when I started blogging we were only two bloggers and we were renewing in pairs from time to time.


Now approximately 30 persons are going to be representing the University! We have new bloggers, instagrammers and ambassadors that will be the new story tellers of experiences of being a student here in Gothenburg.


Yesterday after the education day where all the newcomers got to know each other the day ended with a mingle dinner where besides having delicious cake and wine we had a quiz (and what a quiz! I didn’t know any of the answers, but I learned a lot 😉 )

The vibe was amazing! All of us were happy to start (and continue) this adventure and it was amazing to see how funny these people were!

For giving you a brief resume we will be now 4 bloggers in English, 3 bloggers in Swedish and 2 bloggers in Chinese and to close with a flourish we are also now 3 instagrammers. The family is getting bigger right? 😉


Mercé (Spain), Clémence (France) and Tessa (Hong Kong) are the new bloggers in English, and yesterday there were ultra excited with this new task!


Besides this, the Swedish Student Ambassadors Josefine,  Johanna and Dijana were very happy for having the opportunity to meet new people in the event of yesterday.


Actually , this will sound weird, but Josefine is the first person that I met that was born in Gothenburg! 😀

Thomas, the new Swedish instagrammer, was already thinking in ideas about what to post and also we had a funny conversation about what not to post 😉 Does someone want a selfie of me every day by the way? 😉


To be an ambassador is an extra activity but is also a proper job, so what is the ‘currency’ that the ambassadors should get? Is not the Swedish Krona, is the ‘Swedish Coffee’! Yes, we were joking that as ambassadors or bloggers we will need this currency better than the Swedish Kronors 😉

Bloggers be like: So…how many Swedish Coffees did you earn this month? 😀

Imagine the picture, people from all around the world like Australia, Hong Kong, France and Dominican Republic were gathered together yesterday night and we all had a blast!


So in resume…people from Gothenburg get ready for the new wave of ambassadors that it’s in Da house!

Coming soon…!

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