Mini Bonus Blog of the Week!: Zlatan is Ibrawhere!

After seeing Zlatan Ibrahimovic in advertisements, stamps and everywhere! I thought there won’t be anything further than that but ‘ta-chin’! I go to the faculty of Education and the name of one of the computer rooms is (10 bucks to the one that guess) : Zlatan Ibrahimovic of course!

Now look what happened, I was in the Education Faculty library some days ago and I had a bottle of water on my table that to be honest I had not paid much attention to it. At some point I stood up for going for a coffee and when I returned I found this on my bottle of water!:

ibraaaaibraaThe autograph of Zlatan Ibrahimovic!!!!! I was very surprised and excited to see this! And I was thinking when Ibra could have come to the library, maybe when I was getting my coffee, but why he didn’t wait for me? 😉

And then I saw this:

zlatanAnd I just remembered that Zlatan now is the new star of ‘Vitamin Well’, the drink, and that he put his sign in all the bottles.

So…well I’m still waiting for my autograph. Zlatan you tricked me this time!

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