Where You Can Find Sharks, Dinosaurs and the Moon? In Universeum!


I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen sharks in my entire life…until I came to Gothenburg! And before seeing a moose or a reindeer I saw a shark here in the city ;).


Universeum is in simple words a scientific park where you can put in practice all the things that you have learnt in the school in the area of sciences or biology.

In this park you’ll find animals like monkeys, birds, snakes, marine animals and many more. Keep in mind that I am talking very simple when Is about animals. When I say monkeys I refer to this:


When I say birds I refer to this:


When I say marine animals I refer to this:


Well not exactly that but this:


Finding Nemo? Piece of cake in Universeum!


Universeum is divided by levels, and depending of the seasons the offer you’ll find is different also! In the fixed floors you’ll find for example a level dedicated to all of those passionate with the space. You have many activities to actually feel like an astronaut!


In other level you’ll find more physical activities. I became the spider woman! And I also rode a robot-horse.

Not enough? Can you picture yourself glued in the wall? In Universeum you can do it with a suit made of a special material! And I did it 😉 (BTW if you are extra extra small for the Swedish sizes like me you can wear the kid’s suit 😀 )


In this place you can become an astronaut, a biologist and a kid again! So what are you waiting!?!? If you have the opportunity (tomorrow!) Go and you won’t regret 😉 Is soooo much fun there!

By the way, after you been there answer me something:  Did you pressed the red button? 😉

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