The Coolest Swedish Glossary!

Hello everybody! This week I decided to ask international students what is their favorite word or expression in Swedish. The outcome is fantastic! And I think with this you’ll learn the most used and the coolest words in Swedish among the international community. Let’s start!

Zinie-Vietnam: ‘Jaha!’

‘Jaha’ is a word that the Swedes use oftenly to denote…well…everything! Especially to give feedback in a conversation.

For Zinnie ‘Jaha!’ is an expression that can either encourage or offend people, let’s trust that Zinnie will use it only for the first purpose 😉


Ivan-Bulgaria: ‘Älskling’

Alskling means ‘Darling’ and knowing Ivan, the crazy and at the same time lovely Bulgarian, I think he used this word more often than ‘Jaha!’.

words 98

Nora-Finland: ‘Jasså!’

In Swedish this word means something like ‘Oh yeah!’ and it’s also very common to use.

Nikki-Germany: ‘Lagom’

Well, lagom might not have an exact English translation (that would be ‘Just right’) because for Swedes this expression refers to equality and fairness in every sense! Is like a feeling that is used commonly on the table (enough food and drinks) or also can be used to describe the weather or even the height.

words64Rico-Germany: ‘Fika’

Fika as you all should know is something sweet with a coffee in a relaxing break. I’m not surprised that is Rico’s favorite word since every time that we are going out of classes his first words are: ‘Coffee anyone?’. Alejandra from Colombia agrees that this word is very much used by her. So Fika is definitely one of the favorites expressions for the international community: Viva la Fika!

words 2Aldo-Indonesia: ‘Sluta!’

Sluta means ‘stop!’ or ‘quit!’ For Aldo this word sounds just funny and yes…in Swedish we can find many funny words like the next one.

Natasha-Ukraine : ’Papegoja’

This word means ‘parrot’ and Natasha believe that is a really funny word, me too actually 😀

Naza-Costa Rica: ‘Absolut!’

Absolut means absolute haha and no, Naza doesn’t like Vodka 😉 .

words7Yalda-Germany: ‘Mycket bra!’

When you want to say that something is very good you say ‘Mycket bra! And for Yalda this expression is very suitable for any situation, needless to say that she is a very cheerful person, mycket bra Yalda!

words 4Orhun-Turkey: ‘Hej hej!’

This expression you use it to greet people in general and Orhun believes that this is a very enjoyable way to say ‘hello!’.

Bennedict-England: ‘Fart’

Fart means ‘fast’. What is funny there? What? What? Oh I see…

10822316_10152919676729579_773529667_nKsenia-Russia: ‘Ojojoj!’

Are you surprised? Use ‘ojojoj!’. Are you scared? Use ‘ojojoj!’. You got the meaning? 😉 For ksenia this expression can mean whatever depending the situation.

Devansh-India: ‘Matkoma’

Matkoma means literally ‘food coma’ and you use it after lunch or some meal. I went to dinners prepared by Devansh and I understand why he uses this word so much! Sluta Devansh! 😀

words 5Anna-Ukraine: ‘Jobbig’

This word means ‘annoying’ and Anna describe it literally like this: ‘How the hell I describe jobbiga things before I have learnt Swedish? 🙂 ’.

And mine? My favorite word is REA that means, of course, sales. If you see ‘rea’ somewhere just go towards there immediately, if you see ‘slut rea’ you better run!

The glossary is over and I hope you enjoyed it! it was ‘absolut’ fun to do this and the outcome was ‘mycket bra!’ and now I better ‘sluta!’. (PS. Don’t follow my example in the use of Swedish expressions, ABSOLUT INTE!)

Hej då!


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