Singing In The Rain! (Literally) Karaoke night in Gothenburg!

You maybe know or you might be discovering all the options that Gothenburg gives you to hang out with your friends.

Well, I might be already one year here but last weekend was my first time in the Swedish Karaoke!!!

Don’t misunderstand me! The Karaoke had all the songs in the world but also of course a good repertory of songs in Swedish.

At first I thought this would be a karaoke where a group of people have its own little ‘cabin’ and can sing and be ridiculous in private. But no…! The Swedish karaoke is not only non-private but also have a whole stage where you go and perform the songs in the way you want!

12023206_10153659714734579_89611435_nThe dynamic here is that you can easily get groupies or fans and everyone is open to have fun so you hardly will heard a ‘boo!’ (Unless you really really suck…which can be the case…but let’s pretend that not 😉 – I’m kidding and you all know!)

12048504_10153659717989579_432351003_nThe biggest advice that I give you for this karaoke is to go a bit early since the queue of songs might be long. But you know what? The DJ is very polite! And he is always willing to help if you have special occasions like birthdays there 😉 .

I was very surprised to see that Swedes are totally outgoing there! They are very talkative and besides everyone is with their group of friends at the end it seems like everyone is in a big group cheering for the artist 😉 . There are also a lot of people that doesn’t go to sing but to dance! I saw a couple dancing ballroom the whole night even with Snoop Dog songs!

Over there you are allowed to sing whatever you wish. I saw for example two girls singing ‘Larger than Life’ of Backstreet Boys and they even had a choreography. My friends sang songs of Alanis Morissette and Tom Jones and me…I was documenting everything for the blog…you know…there’s not time to have fun while you are working…! (And besides this I have not a privileged voice we could say).

12033467_10153659717904579_227057437_nOk so what’s my conclusion of the night? My conclusion is that if you are here in Gothenburg you cannot leave the city without having visited at least once the karaoke. You’ll have fun and you’ll see another side of the Swedish people too 😀 .

Here is the web page of the place :

Photo credits:

  1. Alejandra Ossa

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