Little Friday in the Museum Of World Culture

We have a popular tradition in Bolivia, when is Thursday we call it ‘Little Friday’ so we are able to go for a drink or to a concert because…is (little) Friday 😉

Yesterday in our Little Friday we had a big celebration to welcome the new students in Gothenburg at the Museum of World Culture.

12033261_10153650487444579_1064278713_nThe event started at about 18:30 where the students were received with a delicious (and big) wrap, which was the start of the evening.

After that, we were invited to go and see the exhibition in the museum. ‘Playground’, an exhibition about social norms, was the one that was displayed. This exhibition raised many interesting discussions among students about daily behaviors and social patterns.

For example, what do you see in the pic below? This is an exhibition of dolls showing the women’s universal stereotypes portrayed in Barbie. In contrast, the doll on the right side is an idea of a designer that decided to challenge this stereotypes proposing a doll that actually looks like us!


Besides this interesting talks that we had there we also, of course, had games in the ‘Playground’!

We sway on a swing.


We dressed up.

12016133_10153650485109579_2040972322_oAnd we played with puzzles!


Inside the museum I was also happy to find a whole section dedicated to the Bolivian Aymara flag: the Wiphala! There were videos, important people talking about this flag (like the ambassador of Bolivia in Sweden and an anthropologist also), and a huge huge huge Wiphala flag :D. It was amazing to be able to show part of my culture to my international friends and I felt very happy to see that Swedish people is interested in my traditions.

12041740_10153650612129579_1672662281_nIt was already a really fun night full of new people, but this was not it. After the exhibition we had a DJ downstairs that played some tunes. Following this we had ‘Vita Bergen’, an indie band, that performed live for us!

12023079_10153649810429579_236447047_nWe had a lot of fun! It was an amazing night in the Museum of World Culture, and the name of the museum couldn’t be more accurate ;), only in my group we were a Dutch, a Costa Rican, a Mexican, two Greeks and a Bolivian!

12016500_10153649871804579_905690063_nWhat a night! Maybe I saw you there? 😉

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